Come, Holy Spirit!

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The Pentecost Prayer Tree in the foyer of the church… hundreds of prayer ribbons have been tied, each representing a prayer for the spirit to come into some corner of the creation. Come, Holy Spirit, come!

A Prayer for the Pentecost Season

When did the wind blow? When did fire light up the room? When did the Spirit of God hover over me? Over you?

Come, Holy Spirit! For you are not an ancient cold flame, a silent and gentle breeze barely remembered, but you are an ever flowing volcano of wind and fire! Come, Holy Spirit!

You cannot be held in a long-forgotten Upper Room! You did not die with the disciples who first experienced your presence, transforming them as you transformed the world! You who placed fire in the bellies of believers, who moved them through deserts, over mountains, across seas, who spoke  through them to people in languages long-forgotten by we who live today, you will come still and always! Come, Holy Spirit!

Come into the shelters and the offices, into the legislative chambers and the boardrooms, into the schools and the sanctuaries, into the factories and the studios, to the docks and the bus stops, the bakeries and the doctor’s offices. Come, Holy Spirit!

Come into the hearts of the broken and the bold, come via the hands of the young and the old, come as light to those in darkness, as fire to those who are cold, as liberating truth to those with closed minds, as dream to the weary and inspiration to the artist. Come as hope to the hopeless and and home to the refugee. Come, Holy Spirit!

Come, Holy Spirit! Come now! Don’t delay! Don’t let me hold you back with busy schedule or preconceived opinion. Don’t let me quench the fire or close the window on the wind. Come, Holy Spirit! Move in me today!