A Blessing for the First Day of School

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Dear God,

For all the faces in front of doors perfecting their “Moooooom, really?!” eye rolls, thank you. Go with them. First days are hard and a little extra blessing today, in the form of a good friend, a kind smile, and an answer they know right away to build a little confidence would do wonders for this year.

Madison Supplies
Part of the many school supplies our congregation donated to Madison Elementary. We supplied all 50 Kindergartners with the supplies they needed to start their school career just right.

For the teachers who have spent weeks and months getting ready, God help them. Let your compassion shine through as they welcome the little ones full of energy and the big ones who probably always need more sleep. Help them inspire learning for all in their classroom and keep them going through the many, many hours until summer.

For all the parents who are crying a little today, God be a source of comfort. (Yes, for both tears of joy at the sudden silence or tears at the speed of time flying by, because you know most tears are somewhere on this spectrum.)

For those who are refusing to teach, God, bless them. Thank you for the promise 30 minutes of recess for each kid that they’ve extracted and keep them trying to earn a wage that will help keep them living in their school district. Thank you for advocating for learning environments and curriculum that will help students learn. Help them ensure for their students and their communities that when the first day comes, it’ll be the right first day.

First day of school God! It’s a big deal. Help it go well and share a double portion of love for all involved.