A Prayer for Creation

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Earth Day is something special in Olympia. This town celebrates it with a particular fervor of people who celebrate all of creation and work hard to preserve it.

At First Olympia we appreciate our role in the environment and how we can find our Creating God in nature. We have a hiking group that meets monthly and we have an ongoing composting ministry to ensure that we have less waste. This coming Sunday for Earth Day, we also will be handing out plants for our congregants to grow. Another way for this part of Olympia to honor Earth Day is through this Earth Day Prayer.

God of All of Creation,

We look about and marvel at all you have made. You know each of the billions of grains in sand on our beaches, some of which to our shoes as we walk along the place where land meets sea. You know each cherry blossom petal that falls from the tree, even the ones into the palm of our outstretched hands. You know the hum and dance of honeybees and you know where each bird nestles its young. You made all, you know all, you love all.

So let us not merely marvel at all, but let us also love it. Commit us to protecting this glory that we see around us. Let us be wise and frugal in taking what we need and generous in our outstretched protection of all that you have made. May our generations bless those to come with our love for this world.