Changing the Calendar

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edit_calendar_ssk_47433454I just replaced my 2014 calendar with a new one for 2015. As I did, I reflected on all the changes this past year brought into my life. That got me to thinking…

Imagine being at the beach, but the water is sill.  No waves are rolling.

Imagine staring up at the sky, looking at the clouds, but there is no wind and the clouds are unmoving.

Imagine loving a child, but the child never grows, never learns, never becomes an adult.Life is not static but dynamic.

Change is at the heart of our existence.  Growth, progress, becoming.  Development, improvement, advancement.  We are created to become more than we are, to move, to journey, to explore.  In our personal lives, change happens. In our work lives, change happens.  In our political lives, change happens.  In our spiritual lives, change happens. People move in and out of our lives.  Philosophies speak to us clearly one day and not at all the next.  We develop new tastes in fashion, music, art.

Sometimes, when the moving, changing world seems out of control, all we want to do is to freeze everything where it is, force it to stay the same, at least long enough for us to catch our breath and remember who we are and plan on where we are going.  There are things we can do to control the pace of change… but we can never stop it entirely. Rather, we can give the change to God, and trust that God is in the midst of the change and our reactions to it.

God is recreating us continually.  In this season of Epiphany, God, reveal your divine self to us in the changes all around.