January Doxology

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january-1-calendar-smlPraise God for a new calendar with new days, each and every one overflowing with the opportunity to try something new, or do again something old that gives meaning to my life.

Praise God for another year, destined to be filled with births (and deaths), with new friends (and old ones), with tentative hellos (and reluctant goodbyes).

Praise God for the winter chills and warm fires, for lengthening days and frosty mornings.

Praise God for fireworks and Auld Lang Syne.

Praise God for the traditional parade and the inflated Snoopy and the bowl games.

Praise God for a day to remember the witness of a man named Martin and his dream of equality across our great land.

Praise God for the belated Christmas letters that come after the fact from far away friends whom we feared had forgotten us.

Praise God for January, the days that stand as a bridge between all that is past and all that has yet to come.

Let all that breathes give praise to God. Amen.