Adult Faith Formation at First Olympia
Adult Faith Formation at First Olympia
Our mission is making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world through joyful learning. The Discipleship Ministries Team seeks to provide all ages of adults with opportunities to:
  • Grow in Christian faith
  • Learn the Bible through a variety of ways
  • Accept God’s grace in your life
  • Answer God’s call to Christian living and service

There are a variety of ways in which adults in our community engage in discipleship. Please visit the Loving section for fellowship groups and the Serving section for action and social justice groups. New groups and opportunities are offered throughout the year. For adult faith formation we offer:

Sunday Mornings 10am-11am


A lively discussion of current event topics and their relation to our faith. Each week stands alone and no advance reading is required. For the topic ot the week and the week following see the church bulletin. This class meets all year long.

Led by Mark Bergeson and Phyllis Lawson



Digging Deeper 

Join the pastors for an engaging conversation around the morning's scripture passage and sermon themes.  





Faith and Reason 

A weekly conversation group that discusses the intersections of faith, science, reason, and everything in between. 





Teach Me...

Each week a different member of our congregation will share her/his/their passions or their knowledge on a particular topic and how those passions/knowledge connect to her/his/their faith journey. Past sessions have included: Indian cooking, Trans Identity, Photography, Quilting. 





Living with Mental Illness (November 5 - 26) 

A four week course led by Larry Baker (Author of Pebbles in the Pond: Living with Chronic Neurobiological Disorders) will offer his insights on how we can live with and support our family and friends experiencing mental illness. 

Sunday Afternoons 

Living the Questions is a small group experience in which participants are encouraged to embrace the questions of faith with a board diversity of responses. Based on recorded interviews with prominent progressive theologians, Pastor Peter will be leading this 21-week course in 3 "flights" of 7 weeks. This first "flight" will be offered on seven consecutive Sunday afternoons beginning September 17. The class will also be offered on Thursday evenings at 7pm. 




Disciple's Way is a five-week class where we explore the basics of what it means to be a United Methodist in this time and place. This class is offered regulalry throughout the year. The first fall offering with be Sunday afternoons beginning on November 5. 


Spring 2016 Past Offerings

Legislative Academy - listen to audio recordings 

12 More Women of the Bible

Book Study: Trauma Stewardship

Book Study: Faith at Home

Disciple Bible Study

Pastor's Bible Study

Disciple's Way - offered quarterly

Faith and Reason - returns Fall 2017


Fall 2016 Past Offerings

12 Women & the Bible

Power & Legacy: Aging and Dying Well

Seasons of the Church Year

Bible Study: Letter to the Hebrews