Exploring ScriptureFirst Olympia deeply appreciates scripture as the grounding of our tradition.  We believe the Bible to be written by those who were inspired by the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit inspires us through the study of scripture, and here are a few important resources to connect to the Bible and continue your study.

  • Oremus Bible: This links only to the NRSV translation.  The NRSV is the translation of the Bible that you will hear most frequently.
  • Bible Gateway: This will bring hundreds of translations of the Bible.  This also includes the Message and the Common English Bible, translations that are sometimes used in our worship setting.
  • Textweek: This is an online concordance for the Common Lectionary.  Links to sermons, artwork, scholarship, and other useful resources are readily available.

Our library is also a fantastic resource to help you better understand the Bible.  We are stocked with several Biblical commentaries and other resources. We encourage you to use it to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the Christian walk.

To hear a little bit more about how we understand how scripture looks, here is a video from our Ask the Pastor series: