UMWUnited Methodist Women is an active and vital autonomous organization within First United Methodist Church of Olympia. We are women of all ages with varied backgrounds – single, married, widowed, employed and not employed – who all need a supportive community to affirm our own sense of purpose and commitment to Jesus Christ. Local and global ministry opportunities are available through fellowship, study, and service.

Current Officers:  President, Marilyn Dawson; Vice President, Randi Moe; Secretary, Violet Crase; Treasurer, Nancy Adams. 

For more information about how to join the UMW, contact President Marilyn Dawson, 360-456-0376 or email

UMW Executive Committee meets monthly, the first Wednesday except for July and August. Lunch and Learn Programs meet the second Wednesday each month.

Presentation for Olympia's UNITED METHODIST WOMEN Sunday, 2017 



UMWMission Giving Funds Allocated – Each year the United Methodist Women of Olympia raise money for missions including a Conference UMW pledge and ongoing mission projects. The monies available at year’s end are divided between three mission types: Global Organizations, Local Community Organizations and Local Church (First United Methodist Church of Olympia).

In addition to the $9,000 local unit pledge to the Conference UMW, additional mission giving is dispersed to various organizations. All of the organizations or projects are researched and contacted for viability.

In 2017 a total of $21,000.00 was divided into the following three categories:

Global Missions: 13 Organizations - $7,500.00

Local Community: 21 Organizations - $9,300.00

First Olympia Church: 7 Projects - $4,200.00