Pray with me an Advent Prayer…

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Long nights, short days… the cold wind has blown all but the most stubborn of leaves from the trees. It must be Advent. In the gathering darkness, the image of the Advent candle stands out in my mind… a flickering light, a promise of warmth and more light to come. We light the candle and we remember the Advent promises… hope, love, joy, peace. We hear the echoes of the prophet’s words and we understand, because we ARE the people who walked in darkness, and we HAVE seen a great light. We look forward to visiting our old friend John the Baptist, reminding us to turn back toward God. We welcome the angel telling the Joseph in us, the Mary in us, to expect a miracle.

We know the story well and revel in its annual revealing of God’s perfect revelation of love. Advent has come again, glints of silver and gold glistening among the purple cloth on the altar, candles lit to remind us to get ready because our savior is coming.

I am so busy, distracted by so much, focus shifting too rapidly from one thing to another…but God… I don’t want to be this way. Help me to pause for this new coming of Advent. I need to take a deep breath. I need to rest in Advent, to nestle into it as though it is a downy comforter and I am preparing to sleep through a long winter night. We are not meant to conquer Advent; rather Advent is meant to conquer us as we give you space to clear the clutter of our hearts. Clear away, Lord, and bring your winnowing fork to the threshing floor of my life… prepare me for the coming of my King, my Lord, my Savior and Friend. Let the light of Advent shine in my darkness. Amen.