Refugee Family: Advent Waiting, Christmas Purpose

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First United Methodist Church of Olympia has committed to support a newly arrived refugee family. This will be the first refugee family in Thurston County in several years.  We don’t know anything about this family yet. We don’t know where they are coming from or even their names.

We do have an idea of what they will need. They will need shelter, they will need food, and they will need transportation to social services. We are seeking out housing and organizing volunteers. We know too, that this family will need people who listen well and offer care and support, and so we also prepare with special trainings and workshops.  You’ll continue to hear about these many tasks and trainings throughout the coming months.

This is a good Advent discipline for our church. Just as Mary had to wait for the birth of Jesus, we await this family.

This is a good Christmas project for us to undertake because we know that Mary and Joseph had to flee to a strange country to escape the wrath of their ruler following the birth of their child.

So we wait with anticipation, we prepare for our responsibilizes with their arrival, and we pray for the end of people fleeing persecution.