Take Home Sunday School Kits

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Even if you are going out of church this summer you can be church wherever you go with these handy kits! Each double-sided sheet draws on the Scriptures and sermon themes of a given Sunday this summer and contains discussion prompts, arts and crafts ideas, games and service suggestions. Appropriate for all ages.

August Kits

Two boys and one girl visibly happy playing along





August 7 Kit – On the theme of “finding happiness in the right things” and focusing on the scripture Matthew 5:1-12 (the Beatitudes)







August 14 Kit – On the theme of “the foolishness of hiding things from God.” This kit considers Matthew 18:1-9 and Genesis 3:1-9. It includes tips and tools for talking to children and teens about consent.

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August 21 Kit – On the theme of “called to the work of God” this kit looks at the passage Matthew 5:15-26.








August 28 Kit – On the theme of “all our emotions belong to God” this kit look at the passage Mark 12:30-31

July Kits







July 10 Kit – Katherine Parker, UMC missionary to Nepal, visited our church and preached this Sunday morning. This kit teaches you more about Nepal and about the Scripture passage John 13:12-15

Father's house






July 17 Kit – This kit looks more deeply at the Scripture passage John 14:1-7







July 24 Kit – This kit considers the imporatnce of sustaining the Christian community and the passage from Isaiah 11:6-9







July 31 Kit – This kit helps us learn more about the Holy Spirit and the scripture reading: Matthew 14:25-33