The Season of Lent at First Olympia

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Lent is a six week season of preparation marked by the three practices of prayer, almsgiving and fasting. The hope of the season is to recommit ourselves to our Christian identity in preparation for the season of Eastertide. There are lots of opportunities to reconnect with your faith at First Olympia this season:

Lenten Services

Ash Wednesday: March 1, 7pm

Maundy Thursday: April 13, 7pm

Good Friday: April 14, 12pm

Sermon Series – Read about it in the Courier

New Lenten Classes for Adults

Check them out at our Adult Faith Formation page!

What are our children and youth up to? Children and youth use the Sunday school hour during Lent to plan the Children & Youth led Worship Services (Sunday April 30, 2017).

Ways to Build Relationships

February 26, 10am-11am – All Ages Lent Event

March 1, 5:30pm – New Members Potluck

March 19, 12:30pm – Family Fun @ Aztec Lanes

April 9 – All Ages Palm Sunday Event

Ways to Serve our Community

This Lent our Pigs on a Mission will be raising funds for Kindergarten Connection through Centralia College. Kindergarten Connection focuses on kindergarten readiness by providing tools and resources to young families.