If you are planning to visit one of our weekly worship offerings, here’s what you can expect:

  • You should expect to be warmly greeted! We are delighted that you have chosen to spend time in worship with our church family and we want you to know that we feel blessed by your presence!
  • We have a bit of liturgy in the traditional services.  Liturgy is the written responsive readings and prayers in the worship service. It is a part of our tradition, and we use it in our traditional services to guide us into God’s presence, focusing our thoughts on why we are in worship. Words are printed in the bulletins and also projected on the front wall of the sanctuary. If you are here on a communion Sunday, we generally use the ancient prayer known as the Great Thanksgiving to lead us to the table.
  • We will take up an offering. This is not something our guests need to worry about. Rather, it is a time for our church members and friends to give back to God and support the work of the church. Your presence here is gift enough.
  • The pastor will preach a message based on a scripture passage at the morning services. We pray that God’s spirit is at work through the pastors’ and teachers’ study and prayerful preparation, as well as in the hearts of all who listen to the preached word.
  • Child care is available for all who need it, but we recognize that some folks, especially newcomers, might want to keep youngsters with them in church. Children are welcome to stay throughout the service. Our services have a special children’s time when a message focused on children is shared. We also have children’s worship bulletins & crayons as well as stuffed toys for them to play with during the service. If your child needs anything else, please let our  Congregational Life Director, Angelina Goldwell, know. 
  • First United Methodist Church of Olympia is a welcoming congregation. All are welcome here, and all means all! Our pastors participate in outreach to and with the LGBTQ+ community. The congregation regularly and proudly hosts PFLAG meetings. You won’t hear words of condemnation in our church. We are a Reconciling Congregation