Thank you for wanting to know about the finances of the church. We invite you to consider financial support of the church's many and varied ministries. Ninety-eight percent of the church's income comes from the gifts of members and friends. Unlike a business, we can't raise prices to create "profit." Instead, our finances, much like the finances of any household, are determined by our expected annual income. If income goes down, expenses must go down as well. If income goes up, our ministry can be expanded through thoughtful spending on mission and ministry. Here are some helpful links to materials shared with church members and friends during our most recent financial stewardship campaign. (Clicking on the Mailing opens a pdf file in a new window.)


First Stewardship Mailing

This mailing includes our vision for ministry in 2017 and also includes the 2017 budget, which totals just over $800,000.

Second Steward Mailing

This mailing addresses the Biblical reasons for generous giving and is a great devotional tool for considering your role in making ministry happen in the world.

Learn About the First Olympia Endowment Fund

Click here to visit a page with information about making a legacy gift which will sustain ministries at First Olympia well beyond your lifetime.

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