What If?

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What if?

  • What if we could involve 30 new families in the life of the church in the coming year?
  • What if we could sponsor two more covenant missionaries?
  • What if we could open the doors of the church to more community groups making Olympia a better place?
  • What if we could worship twice as often in twice as many places?
  • What if we had more people praying every week?
  • What if 10 lonely people found friends through the church?
  • What if we could provide spearhead a new version of Quixote Village?
  • What if we had a grief support group meeting at First Olympia?
  • What if our youth group doubled in size?
  • What if we started a special needs ministry for developmentally disabled persons?
  • What if we grew the church budget by ten percent?
  • What if we redesigned a worship service?
  • What if people who have left the church could be encouraged to come back because we do church differently?

What if?

We have a strategic plan that guides the work of this congregation. The Church Council reviews it regularly to make sure that we are not forgetting our purpose (transforming the world by making disciples of Jesus). We hire staff and organize and fund ministry to turn what ifs into realities. During October, as we think about the stewardship of our resources and plan financially for the coming year, we invite you to ponder some of the great “What if” visions we’ve heard in recent times.

Pastor Peter and Pastor Ruth will preach on the theme of “What if?” On October 15 and 22. On October 29, we are inviting the church to celebrate Pledge Sunday by returning a pledge of support in 2018 that will enable some of our what ifs to be realized.

There will be a mailing sent to all members and active friends of the congregation in mid-October which will include information about the proposed budget and a pledge card. If you can’t be in church on October 29, please consider dropping off or mailing in your pledge card prior to that day of celebration. The congregation has been so faithful in supporting the work of the church. Each year for the past three years, thanks to your faithful giving and the efficient use of the gifts, we’ve finished the year with a surplus. That surplus is empowering growth. What ifs are actually happening here! Praise be to God!